Fortify Your Company’s Shield

My clients are small business owners, professionals, investors. A diverse group, from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and business categories. They come from all around the United States and abroad.

Folks I work with operate their business or professional practice through legal paper entities: corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LPs), business trusts and other forms of unincorporated business organizations and associations. Their company may enjoy tax benefits that are unavailable when operating as a sole proprietor or general partnership.

They structure trusts of all kinds, from basic living revocables to hybrids domiciled on- and off-shore, to hold property, plan their estate, protect assets, and privatize their financial affairs.

Knowing that one meritless or frivolous lawsuit can sink their business, finances and future with crushing judgements, liens, and property seizures, they seek out safe harbors, with shelter from harm, storms and pirates.

Sound familiar?

Your partners, business associates and employees. Your loved ones, closest friends and confidants. Lawyers. The government . . . .

Surprise: The good guys are the bad guys!

My prime directive:

Solidify, Enhance and Reinforce Your Corporate Shield

When your company was formed it was endowed with separate legal existence. Along with that existence, it has a personality of its own and limited liability for its owners. Your liability is generally limited to your investment in the company.

But, after your company is formed your actions can jeopardize its separate legal and tax status, and your limited liability.

Your small business entity is entitled to the same benefits, tax deductions, write-offs, privileges and perquisites as the large incorporations and firms.

It is also bound by the same rules of corporate governance as the large incorporations and firms. Courts – and the IRS – are crystal clear on this subject: If you neglect to treat your company as a separate legal entity, they will too. They will set it aside and impute personal liability to you, and disallow tax deductions. To do just that, they use rulings that contain terms like “alter ego”, “nominee”, “self dealing”, “arm’s length”, and “failure to observe corporate formalities”.

Litigators know this. They also assume that you neglect the details of good corporate governance, like holding meetings, adopting resolutions and recording these events in corporate minutes. They know that most people are ignorant, intimidated, or just too busy to tend to the formalities. It is the easiest thing for them to prove, too, so that’s exactly what they focus on when they launch their attack on you and your company.

Your personal battle starts with a lawsuit, judgment, lien, seizure, bankruptcy, divorce, or, God forbid…a revenuer’s “Notice of Examination.” Among the first salvos launched by counsel for the plaintiff, or the Revenue Agent: A subpoena duces tecum, or summons, demanding copies of your formal corporate minutes and records. That’s the way it works. You’d better have them in good order. Or else . . .  YOU LOSE!!!

What stands between you and your corporation is its veil. That armor shield keeps corporate creditors, litigants, revenuers and other would-be adversaries from merging you with your company. If they can do that, they can steal your personal assets to satisfy their claims against the company – bogus or not.


  • I do not act as an incorporator or company formation agent (I’m not a company “mill”);
  • I do not serve as a Registered Agent;
  • I do not provide a Registered Office address;
  • I do not offer basic-to-comprehensive-office-package-plans, virtual or otherwise, for exorbitant prices and no honestly true benefit;
  • I do not prepare legal, tax or administrative forms;
  • I do not give legal or tax advice.


  • I do help prepare corporate minutes, resolutions, by-laws, agreements, plans and other formal documentation;
  • I do corporate armor-plating, shield and veil building;
  • I do it from an asset protection perspective;
  • I do it with over 27 years of real-world experience involving litigation, tax audits and other generally challenging situations;
  • I do what you don’t do but should do for your company, yourself, your family, and your business associates.


I work for you to help you claim and keep your corporate benefits:

  • Limited personal liability;
  • Income tax advantages;
  • Personal and financial privacy;
  • Asset protection;
  • Separate legal existence;
  • Compartmentalization of your assets and liabilities; and
  • Bullet-proofing your affairs

How can you fortify your small business company’s shield, its veil, its armor, that protective barrier between you and its adversaries?

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Actually, if we are compatible, I’ll invest a fair amount of my time working with you on the front end to learn your situation while I establish my true value to you – with NO OBLIGATION on your part. I promise: I will be more than fair, and I will perform professionally, all to your satisfaction.

Otherwise, you are free to walk away at any time. No catches. No strings. You have nothing to lose except that sick feeling in your gut every time you think about how you really do need to get this done.

All the best!

D. Joseph Young

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